November 2017

So finally, we've released our updated menu. We've held off for a month or two just to make sure we've got it absolutely right. Stringent tasting has taken place and we're now ready for you to enjoy the flavours that we've created.
Say hello to your new favourites, Clucking Hell, Holy Cluck! and the amazing Katsu curry burger. We think we've put contenders into the ring which could topple the infamous crowd pleaser Proper Filth as our most popular fried chicken sandwich.
There's a separate menu for rotisserie now and it's only coming out after 5pm and on weekends.
But don't despair, you won't have to wait much longer for more new things! The Christmas specials come out in just over 2 weeks and with the arrival of the John Lewis advert today, things seem to be getting a little bit closer towards the festive season. That in mind, if you're planning a visit in December, get your booking in soon as we're filling up fast!!!


Over in Shepton Mallet, wild things are lurking in the corner of a former dairy farm. Great beers are being produced on an eye watering scale. The Wild Beer Co was formed 5 years ago by some very experienced, then Bristol-based brewers. Utilising the ethos of the 'wild' 4th ingredient into the beer brewing method, some incredible flavour profiles and insane ideas, including 'of the sea' which contains lobsters+cockles+seaweed+sea salt & herbs, are born.
We took a trip to see what it was all about and meet the folks face to face. We were greeted by Pete & Giles who kindly guided us through the hoppy, malty, yeasty smelling brewhouse. Stainless vats as high as the industrial unit towered above us, each fermenting or conditioning a particular creation. We're told they brewed close to 50 different types of beer last year! Wow! But we're told that this isn't that impressive... Pete says 'if you want a truly religious experience, you'll have to see where we keep the conditioning barrels'.
We were then led into an unit at least 50 foot high and over 150 feet long which keeps an ungodly amount of beer. Former Burgundy, bourbon and Scotch barrels stacked 4 high, probably over 200 in total, filled up with various concoctions. Which bubble away for sometimes over a year or until the beer is deemed good enough to bottle. And some poor guy has the arduous job of checking them regularly.
The 'wild' bit of their name also stems from the fact that these barrels are left to gather the natural yeasts which litter the countryside in this corner of Somerset. Truly an insanely creative way of brewing which isn't matched anywhere, in our opinion.
The good news is, for you reading this and everyone who visits us, that you can now try this beer for yourself at eat the bird. We've installed a full-time Wild Beer Co tap with Pogo being the first delight to try. A citrusy, guava and passionfuit infused beer. And in the fridge, we'll always have a range of their cans and bottles to keep the variety (and boy is there variety). From smokey beers to sour saisons and fruity pales to champagne inspired heavyweights, we're sure you'll grow to love the Wild Beer Co as much as we do.

September 2017

On October 22nd this year, something special is happening.
Brave hot wing connoisseurs will descend on us, each with the hope to become the supreme wing eating champion of 2017.
We will smother some crispy, tender, jumbo chicken wings in some of the most ridiculously hot chilli sauces from around the world and then see who can eat them all in the fastest time. Sounds simple, right? It really isn't!
There's 2! That's right, 2 (out of the 6) sauces which contain the infamous Carolina Reaper (the world's hottest chilli), so this really isn't for the faint hearted.
We've collaborated with Old J rum and the Upton Cheney Chilli Farm to hook us up with some cool
prizes and there's a pint & a t-shirt for each competitor.
Bring your mates along on the night for moral support and book them a table because we're also kicking off our flavour of the month for November which is CARIBBEAN. Think jerk, think spicy, think winter warming plus some kick ass cocktails from the guys on the bar using Old J spiced rum
(including our new 75.5% Tiki Fire). More info on that in the coming weeks.
In the mean time, get yourself signed up at the bar, puff out your chest, get the milk ready and the bog roll in the fridge and crown yourself WING CHAMPION OF 2017!!!


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