Born out of a love of chicken and the various delicious ways to cook it and eat it, eat the bird was created by two guys from deep inside the Devon countryside (One's a Manc but we won't judge).
Originally intended to be a streetfood stand popping up at festivals and markets, one gin fueled night, Dan & Chris's streetfood concept transformed into the full blown restaurant on Taunton's riverside.
The ethos is simple...
We fry chicken, we put it between bread with some kick ass sauces and a lot of love and feed them to the hungry. Wash it down with some of the most flavourful cocktails and exciting new craft beers around and you've hit the recipe for great times.
Influenced by the streetfood scene that first inspired us, our menu ranges from burgers to nachos, wings to rich salted caramel brownies and more...


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